People are talking about the trend….

I read two blog posts recently, both from VC’s, which show folks are starting to grok the reality that collaborative internet based applications will soon be the tools of choice, replacing traditional desktop applications.

Fred Wilson writes:

“…my experience and my bet is that wikis will take the enterprise by storm. Because they are simpler, easier, and better.”

Peter Rip predicts:

“The AJAX version of Office is coming. But the key isn’t AJAX. The key is the apps will naturally collaborate the way we have all learned to work – via the Web.”

“…I bet in five years more people use AJAX Office than Microsoft Office.”

We couldn’t agree more! And Gliffy fits right in there…

3 thoughts on “People are talking about the trend….

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  2. Maybe you don’t want your company/state secrets going across the internet and stored on someone else’s servers? Maybe because hardcore data entry over a web application severely impacts productivity? Maybe you dont’ want version changes of your tools happening on the vendor’s schedule, instead preferring to upgrade when YOU want to? Maybe you want to be able to work when not connected to a network, or when network connectivity is unavailable?

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