Gliffy Beta Begins

The Gliffy closed beta has begun. We’ll slowly add more user to the beta in the next several weeks/months. Browse on over to and you can see our new home on the web. In fact, as of today, we are no longer Silver Tie Software, but Gliffy, Inc. Our first application is a diagram editor. Imagine Visio deployed over the web, with instant collaboration features. Interested in joining the beta? Send an email to

A lot of hard work from many people helped to make this happen. A short list:

  • Clint Dickson – Founder – Director of Engineering
  • Lyla Warren – Founder – Creative Director
  • Dana Yobst – Early involvement with Biz Dev and more
  • Andrew D. Toebben and Gundersen Dettmer – Legal
  • Henry Lyne – Helped us build out soon to be defunct
  • Jason Lee – Helped talk through technical and strategic issues
  • Dennis Yang – Provided us valuable insight early on
  • Jo Ann Promponsatorn – Accounting advice
  • Mom & Dad – I might need a loan from you soon!
  • …and everyone else who listened to me talk non-stop about what we’re doing, providing feedback, etc.

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