Replaced my car with ZipCar

I’ve been trying out ZipCar for a few months, and have been happy enough with the service that I went ahead and sold my car. After much careful thought, I came to the conclusion that ZipCar was going to save me time and money, and allow me to drive newer cars on a regular basis. Perhaps most importantly, I wont be tempted to hop in the car for those short optional trips, reducing carbon emissions into the environment.

  • I was paying $65/month for car insurance. Now I pay about the same amount for ZipCar each month.
  • I was paying about $1000/year maintaining my nearly 9 year old car. With ZipCar, that expense goes away, and I get to drive nifty new cars like the fun Mini Cooper and the environmentally friendly Prius.
  • With ZipCar, gas is included in the price of the rental.
  • I used to have to look for parking on the street for my car, but ZipCar vehicles have reserved spaces 5-10 minutes from my apartment

Admittedly, ZipCar probably doesn’t work for everyone, but if you think it might work for you, it’s worth checking out.

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