ThinkHost: Green web hosting & other ways to become carbon neutral

I was recently introduced to ThinkHost. I use DreamhHost now for this blog and my personal email, but I like the fact that ThinkHost is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Maybe my New Years resolution for 2007 will be to become as carbon neutral as possible. A few things I’m already doing to try and be carbon neutral:
* When I fly, I offset my carbon output with one of the many offerings out there
* When I still owned a car, I bought a TerraPass.

Some things I’m not doing but probably should:
* TerraPass has a home offering as well now, to offset the energy consumed in your home.
* GreenDimes aims to help you reduce the junk mail you get from the USPS.

I’m sure there are other ways to lower my carbon footprint. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “ThinkHost: Green web hosting & other ways to become carbon neutral

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for mentioning ThinkHost! I’m ThinkHost’s Business Operations Manager – we’d certainly love to have you as one of our green web hosting clients! If you or any of your readers would like a coupon to try out our services, we currently offer a coupon from our site for free setup and 2 months free:

    – or if you’d like to email me directly at; I’ll happily provide anyone who writes to me with a code for free setup and 6 months free hosting :).

  2. What about having your web site powered by solar….AISO ( is 100% solar powered, both their servers and data center are powered by onsite solar panels. And they also have a partnership with Co-Op America, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Green Building Council. Plus, they are doing more then just making sure their electricity is green. Their data center and office is green too by using environmentally friendly air conditioners, solar tubes to bring in natural light, a propane powered generator instead of diesel, VMWare virtualization to reduce their server electricity usage, 6 watt energy saving desktops computers for their employees, and soon to be LEED certified as a green data center, the only public one in North America, at least that I have found so far. AISO is also the first public data center to be a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. So as far as the environmental concern, I think AISO is more concerned about the environment then any other of its competitors will ever be.

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