Gliffy Beta Begins

The Gliffy closed beta has begun. We’ll slowly add more user to the beta in the next several weeks/months. Browse on over to and you can see our new home on the web. In fact, as of today, we are no longer Silver Tie Software, but Gliffy, Inc. Our first application is a diagram editor. Imagine Visio deployed over the web, with instant collaboration features. Interested in joining the beta? Send an email to

A lot of hard work from many people helped to make this happen. A short list:

  • Clint Dickson – Founder – Director of Engineering
  • Lyla Warren – Founder – Creative Director
  • Dana Yobst – Early involvement with Biz Dev and more
  • Andrew D. Toebben and Gundersen Dettmer – Legal
  • Henry Lyne – Helped us build out soon to be defunct
  • Jason Lee – Helped talk through technical and strategic issues
  • Dennis Yang – Provided us valuable insight early on
  • Jo Ann Promponsatorn – Accounting advice
  • Mom & Dad – I might need a loan from you soon!
  • …and everyone else who listened to me talk non-stop about what we’re doing, providing feedback, etc.

People are talking about the trend….

I read two blog posts recently, both from VC’s, which show folks are starting to grok the reality that collaborative internet based applications will soon be the tools of choice, replacing traditional desktop applications.

Fred Wilson writes:

“…my experience and my bet is that wikis will take the enterprise by storm. Because they are simpler, easier, and better.”

Peter Rip predicts:

“The AJAX version of Office is coming. But the key isn’t AJAX. The key is the apps will naturally collaborate the way we have all learned to work – via the Web.”

“…I bet in five years more people use AJAX Office than Microsoft Office.”

We couldn’t agree more! And Gliffy fits right in there…

RIA’s will spawn a new breed of web based applications

Get ready folks, Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) will soon have you doing things on the web which you thought were only possible with desktop applications. These new web based applications will soon have you collaborating in ways you never thought possible, increasing the overall efficiency of companies in many ways. Here are a few interesting reads which all point in this general direction:

What could this all mean? I have a few predictions:

  • As RIA alternatives begin to arrive on the scene in the next 1-2 years, progressive folks will stop using traditional desktop applications, including ALL Microsoft Office products.
  • Lighter weight RIA alternatives to traditional desktop applications will offer collaboration opportunities far beyond those which are available in their desktop counterparts.
  • Microsoft knows this trend is in the works, and will be mostly helpless to stop it until Windows Vista has greater market share.
  • Many of Microsoft’s big money making software titles will be threatened. Microsoft stock will take a big hit when this trend becomes clear to the masses.
  • Microsoft will find a way to create problems for RIA’s. A few possible scenarios:
    • The new version of IE will break existing AJAX RIA’s in subtle ways
    • The new version of IE wont play well with Flash, causing trouble for Flash based RIA’s like OpenLaszlo and Flex applications
    • Microsoft will create and bundle it’s own Flash player, breaking Flash based RIA’s which threaten their desktop application dominance.
  • SocialText and JotSpot will be leading the charge (if they don’t get acquired by Yahoo or Google first)

What do you think?